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With more than 20 years of experience in construction management, field operation and trade craftsmanship we know how to complete a job on time and on budget! 

We have done small fast-paced "clean-up projects" to detailed high-end and multiple room projects.

We handle large residential apartment building complex, to luxury residence, retail stores, hotels and painting maintenance services for property management firms in New York City.

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We pride ourselves on our fast professional services. Our specialties are Painting and Wallcovering.




We have more than 25 years of experience in the painting industry.

Our top quality preparation process guarantees a perfect coat on all surfaces. We offer a wide variety of services including, epoxy systems, chalkboard paint, dry erase or magnetic paint, intumescent paint and more...

Fresh Coat Painting 

We also offer a fast matching color painting services for office and rental apartment.

This consist of a fresh coat of paint which guarantee perfect walls "at all times!"


Like our painting preparation process our wallcovering installation requires meticulous preparation of the surfaces. Before installation we remove any inclusions or imperfections that become more visible after installation. Whether it’s a large scale hotel or a modest boutique we strive to ensure the same level of professionalism and quality in all facets of our business.

We Proudly Serve

Building Owners

Property Management Firms

Private Office

Retail Locations


Bank Branch

Interior Designers


General Contractors

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Wood staining is a product designed for protecting wooden surfaces and giving them a natural and decorative finish. It can be used in different colors and bases such as  Solid, Semi-transparent and Transparent. It’s the best solution to accentuate the natural beauty and texture of the wood. We provide top quality wood staining on porches, cabinets, decks, and all interior exposed wood.


We work close with Interior Design Companies, Building Owners and for the most respectful General Contractor in NYC . We provide proposals with detailed scope of work at time requested.

We review scope changes and RFI to ensure the best accurate price.   


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We use high quality commercial products from: 
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